EU projects

Colorit Press OOD started on 13.03.2017 and has since been implementing contract BG16RFOP002-2.002-0481-C01 for a financial grant.
The project on the “Development of the management capacity and growth in Colorit Press OOD” has been funded under Operational Programme “Innovations and Competitiveness” 2014-2020, priority axis for Entrepreneurship and Capacity for Growth of the Small and Medium Enterprises, the procedure for “Development of the management capacity and growth of the Small and Medium Enterprises“.

The total amount under the project is BGN 547,800.00 where the grant equals to 70% of the total i.e. BGN 383,460.00. The European co-funding amounts to BGN 325,941.00, whereas the national co-funding amounts to BGN 57,519.00.

The objective of the implementation of the project activities is to enhance the competitiveness and the growth of Colorit Press OOD by making use of information and communication technologies and services.

In relation to the project implementation, “Colorit Press”OOD announces a tender for the selection of a contractor with the a subject of the tender being “Development and introduction of integrated ERP System with CRM modules” – 1 piece

By carrying out Grant Contract BG16RFOP002-2.001-0738-C01, “Colorit Press” OOD aims at the enhancement of its production capacity through the realization of a long-term investment in new equipment in order to turn manual processes into automatic ones, to enhance quality, to lower the energy consumption in production process and to increase resource efficiency and production performance.

The above-set objective will be achieved through the introduction of one folder-gluer machine, knives for the printing industry: one at 132 cm width, another one at 76 cm width. The implementation of the project will lead to the increase in the production capacity for products with optimized production cost and quality as well as to higher cost-effectiveness and higher performance.

Total amount under the project: 417,900.00
Share of the grant: 70%
Grant: BGN 292,530.00